Every year, the National Committee reviews which areas of older adult psychology should become the focus of the next year's workstreams. The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies workstream was an excellent example of a relatively short, but timely, piece of work by committee members and an extended reference group of other clinical psychologists with interest in and expertise in this area. The workstream has culminated in the appointment of Marie Claire Shankland to advise the Department of Health in its commitment to making IAPT services more inclusive and accessible to older people.

Suggestions for 2012-2013 have included long term conditions, service user and carer, and research in older people's psychology.

If you have a suggestion to make, you can submit it to the FPoP chair for discussion at National Committee meetings. Please include as many details as possible about why this topic would be suitable and the kinds of issues that emerge from this area.

Submit ideas for workstreams to the Chair