South Thames


We currently have around 117 members in our Geographical Group. The Group has members from a range of different professional backgrounds, working in different clinical contexts. We cover Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South London. NHS Trusts include East Kent Hospitals, Kent and Medway, Oxleas, South London and Maudsley, South West London and St George’s, Surrey and Borders and Sussex Partnership. The group provides teaching and older people’s placements for the Surrey and Canterbury Christchurch University (Salomon’s) Clinical Psychology Training Programmes.

Due to the size and history of the group, we operate via a small, elected Committee who meet five times a year and are responsible for planning CPD events for the membership in accordance with what has been requested. We work hard to ensure the committee reflects the region and where this is not possible; we have “co-opted” members who act as links to the NHS Trusts which are not represented. The committee enjoy links with our two local Training Programmes; we have a member who is also on the local DCP committee and have recently co-opted a trainee representative to serve on the committee.

Who’s who on the committee:

Name Role  NHS Trust/Organisation
Tamsin Fryer Convenor/National PSIGE Kent and Medway
Shani Langdon Treasurer Kent and Medway
Kirstie Chandler DCP representative Surrey and Borders
Margaret O’Shaughnessy Committee member Kent and Medway
Jacqui Bryant/Anna Demery Currently on maternity leave Oxleas
Helen Caird Training representative Canterbury Christchurch University
Louise Deacon Training representative Surrey University
Anisha Paddam Mangal Trainee representative Surrey University

Committee meetings:

The Committee meets between 10 and 12 noon on a Friday morning. We are currently recruiting more members, so if you would like more information, please contact the convenor. If you have any issues which you would like to raise for discussion at one of these meetings, please do get in touch.

2013 meeting dates:

Day Date Time Venue
Friday January 25th 10-12 Highlands House Tunbridge Wells
Friday March 22nd 10-12 Salomon’s
Friday June 7th 10-12 Priority House Maidstone
Friday September 20th 10-12 TBC
Friday November 29th 10-12 TBC

Keeping in touch

If you are a member of South Thames PSIGE but have not been receiving distribution emails, please contact the convenor with your email address so we can update our list. 


We traditionally hosted four workshops each year, but have more recently taken the decision to reduce this following falling attendance figures and feedback from our membership gathered from a short survey.

2012 events:

23rd March Service User Involvement workshop (incorporating AGM)
Laura Lea and John McGowan at Salomon’s.

13th July Interpersonal Therapy 
Prof. Susan Howard at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton.

6th September Research and Service Development day

2013 events:

We have selected the theme of working with complexity for 2013 events. We are currently in the planning stages and they are likely to be held in May/June (incorporating the AGM) and November.

We will post details of future events on this page as they become available, so do keep checking back for updates.


On 22nd March, a meeting is to be hosted for all those interested or involved with teaching and supervising on the Salomon’s Clinical Psychology training programme to discuss the new teaching format. Further details will be circulated shortly.