Geographical Groups at FPoP

Regular meetings of members take place at a local level.

These act as mutual support groups and often include formal presentation of papers, discussion of local service provision and development, exchange of local information and an update of FPOP (formerly PSIGE)'s activities at a national level.

Conferences, symposia and workshops are also held at a local level, encouraging the participation of several geographical groups and linking up with other agencies.

A subvention for each member of FPOP is available to support local groups in these activities.

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  • East Anglia
  • Essex and Hertfordshire
  • North East
  • North Thames
  • North Wales
  • North West
  • Northern Ireland
  • Oxford
  • Scotland
  • South Thames
  • South Wales
  • South Western
  • Trent
  • Wessex
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire and Humberside

East Anglia

Essex and Hertfordshire

North East

The membership of the North Eastern region PSIGE group now belongs to one of three trusts - Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust and Tees, Esk and Valley NHS Foundation Trust which between them stretch from North Yorkshire to the Scottish borders, and Northumbria Healthcare Trust. The PSIGE network continues to be an invaluable forum in which to discuss the process of change and the placement of psychological services within these large and continually evolving organisations.

The NE PSIGE group continues to respond to the its members needs through  the building of multidisciplinary networks around specific service development issues and forums for discussion which may also inform future service development.

The group continues to provide teaching and placements on the Newcastle and Teesside doctoral training courses. Both of these courses have been implementing extensive changes to their programmes and we continue to maintain strong relationships with key university figures in regards to placement capacity and teaching requirements. The NE PSIGE continues to have a strong voice in these discussions as a result of a history of effective placement organisation by PSIGE members ensuring the provision of specialist older people's placements for all trainees.

The group runs bi-monthly on a Wednesday, alternating between morning and afternoon. Short CPD sessions are provided by each locality and are highly valued by members.

We have close links with the local Division of Neuropsychology group and Stroke group and have a number of members belonging to both groups. We have also had ad hoc working groups in order to develop specific areas. For example, working on inpatient wards and driving with dementia. We hold a local group Away Day every April which includes a supervisor up-date, our business meeting and presentations from members and invited speakers.

We have a strong relationship with both our local courses where we provide training and work as a group to ensure all trainees have access to a specialist Older Adult placement.


Chair: Fiona Grant

Secretaries: Sarah Hopper & Sarah Craven-Staines

North Thames

The North Thames FPOP group comprises of a growing, dedicated membership who welcome new members and visitors interested in working psychologically with older people. 

The North Thames group is co-ordinated by a committee, which includes members from most of the Trusts in the region. Please make contact with your local committee member to find out more about the local group and upcoming events. In January 2010 it was decided to further develop North Thames FPOP group and a committee was formed with its inaugural meeting in March 2010 .

The committee has been established to lead the activities of the local group and has various functions such as organising CPD events, informing local members about relevant events or policies or initiatives, linking with training courses and with national FPOP. We meet regularly at the BPS offices. The minutes of each meeting are available on request from the committee.

Convenor and Membership Manager

Dr Sarah Johnson 
Clinical Psychologist
Brent Older Adult Service
Fairfields House, Roe Green
Kingsbury, London NW9 0PS  
Tel:0797 3739 890


Dr Sharen Hayre CPsychol 
Clinical Psychologist
East London Foundation Trust
Mental Health Care for Older People (MHCOP)
Unit 1, Ground floor
30 Felstead Street
London, E9 5LG
Tel:  020 3222 8500

Website Organiser

Maureen McIntosh 
Chartered Psychologist, AFBPsS
Counselling Psychologist
Mental Health Care for Older People
First Avenue Resource Centre, 
103 First Avenue, 
E13 8AP
Tel: 0208 8210900

Committee Members

Dr Afreen Huq CPsychol AFBPsS
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Lead for MHCOP Inpatients
Mental Health Care for Older People Directorate
East London NHS Foundation Trust
M: 07970956501

Dr Tresa Andrews
Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist 
& Interim Service Line Lead Psychologist 
Central and North West London 
NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL)
OPHA Westminster CMHT
3rd Floor, 
190 Vauxhall Bridge Road
0207 854 4105 (Team)
f: 0207 821 0490

DCP Link Rep

Dr. Mary-Beth Young
Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Older People & Healthy Ageing Kensington & Chelsea CMHT
Nightingale Building
St Charles Health & Wellbeing Centre
Exmoor Street
W10 6DZ
Tel:  020 8206 7148
Fax: 020 8206 7150

CPD Organiser

Dr Claire Nussey
Clinical Psychologist
Islington memory Assessment & Treatment Service
Collingwood Business Centre
Mercers Road
Tel: 0207-5614225

North Wales

North West

Northern Ireland

Group Members

The Northern Irish branch of the Faculty for the Psychology of Older People (FPoP) comprises of 8 members from the 5 trusts within Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care Services, not including Assistant/Associate Psychologists or Trainees who join/contribute to the branch during their post.


Currently our meetings are hosted in Hollywell Hospital, Antrim, County Antrim, as this location is central to all travelling across the province.

Meeting Format

Traditionally, we have met bimonthly and as noted by some of the other branches our meetings provided an opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the country to share ideas, hear about new initiatives and of course receive peer support. This is and was particularly vital as many members typically work with little or no contact from other older adult psychologists. 

However, as we are evolving and hoping to take a more active role in raising the profile of OA psychology in Northern Ireland we have allocated formal roles/committee positions such as chair, treasurer, geographical convenor and a combined role for BOS/placement/academic to facilitate input and links with the local Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Training Course, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). In addition, to sharing of ideas and peer support we hope to create opportunities for new learning in setting strategy, leadership skills, policy context and mentoring. 

In our relatively new inception we hope to initially help raise the profile of OA psychology


  • Continue and expand the input of those that have been and are involved in contributing to the national FPoP including the dementia, long term and inpatient workstreams and the local DCP where members represent the FPoP sig on the DCP training and Communication workstreams, and contribute to the politics workstream (standard responses to psychological issues).
  • Ongoing contribution to QUB Clinical Psychology Training curriculum and teaching.
  • And contribute to the development of new local psychology courses e.g. providing placements to MSc students at the University Of Ulster, Applied Psychology Course.
  • Expand representation of FPoP sig in other local sig’s such as Neuropsychology, Health & Adult.
  • Host a local CPD event.


Western Health & Social Care Trust Clinical Psychology Service

The Clinical Psychology service for older people is a small specialist Trust-wide service currently staffed by 1 Consultant Clinical Psychologist, 1 band 8a Psychologist and 0.8wte band 8 Psychologist. Funding has been allocated for 1 further band 7 psychologist in the southern sector of the Trust. Since the inception of the service in April 2007, the remit of the Consultant Psychologist has expanded to include community and inpatient direct client and carer work, the management of the additional Psychology staff and the development and management of the Trust-wide challenging behaviour service. Consequently this role now has a higher ratio of senior management and service development responsibility, with representation at Divisional, Directorate and Regional level.

Referrals to the service have steadily increased since service development in 2007. The service covers the whole of the Western Trust area, with clinics offered in Derry, Omagh and Enniskillen.

This Clinical Psychology service offers both inpatient and outpatient assessments and interventions. The psychologists are currently working with staff on the fmi and dementia assessment wards in order to ensure a more holistic assessment and treatment package is offered. This has included staff training on a biopsychosocial model, and validation techniques within the wards. In the FMI wards the two senior psychologists currently offer ward based therapeutic activities. In the future these will be fully embedded in the recovery model - Wellness recovery action planning (WRAP). The psychologists have a remit to offer individual interventions and to offer consultancy to the ward staff regarding any form of psychological intervention. The Psychology service is heavily involved in the development of the new service delivery model for psychological therapies within the CMHTs and wards.

In addition to the Older Adult Clinical Psychology service, the Consultant Psychologist also manages the Challenging Behaviour service. The challenging behaviour service currently employs 4 specialist nurse practitioners, 2 in each sector of the trust. This service is embedded in the psychology department. The team is based from Oak Villa, Gransha Park; Holly Villa, Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital and Coleshill, Enniskillen. Although the CB team currently provides support and training for staff in residential and nursing homes and the dementia admission and challenging behaviour wards, discussions are ongoing about providing this service into client homes and also the acute hospital wards. Service expansion is planned with the addition of 4 specialist nursing posts.

Belfast Trust

Older People’s Neuropsychology


The Neuropsychology Service for stroke has continued to develop over the last 2 ½ years, within the Belfast Trust. 
The overarching aim is to ensure that a timely and responsive Neuropsychological service is available for all stroke survivors and their families, across the stroke care pathway (Acute, ESD & Community rehabilitation). The Service recognises that everyone will have neuropsychological needs at some point in their journey but not necessarily need to see a Clinical Psychologist. It also recognises that psychological care is everyone’s business. Therefore a key objective is to empower and support all professional staff groups working with stroke, feel competent and confident in their recognition, screening /assessment and management of neuropsychological issues.

This objective is achieved through a stepped care model of service delivery, in which consultancy, supervision, reflective practice and training for staff are embedded. Screening of mood and cognition is integral to this model and enables Neuropsychology to focus directly on the more complex emotional, cognitive and behavioural needs post stroke. Over the last year the service has focused on the development & provision of therapeutic groups for patients and carers (e.g. ACT, Memory group)

The Neuropsychology Service also works closely with the voluntary sector (e.g. Chest Heart & Stroke NI, The Stroke Association).

If you would like to know more about the service, please contact


Lynsey McCleery
Clinical Psychologist / FPoP Northern Ireland Convenor

CMHT Older People
Oak Villa
Gransha Park
BT47 6TG

Telephone: 028 71 865206



Information about the Scotland region

The Scottish branch of the Faculty for the Psychology of Older People (FPoP) is a friendly, enthusiastic and active group. The membership comprises over 60 people from health boards throughout Scotland, representing a wide range of experience and expertise.

Typically health boards within Scotland’s central belt take turns in hosting meetings. However, it is not unknown for us to venture as far north as the Highlands or down south to Dumfries and Galloway. We aim to have a guest speaker at each meeting. In 2012 we had presentations on topics that included the development and implementation of government policy, setting up a young onset dementia service, and staff attitudes to the use of music with people who have dementia. Speakers are often from other professional backgrounds: we recently hosted a meeting at the headquarters of Alzheimer’s Scotland in Edinburgh where their Chief Executive, Henry Simmons, presented on post-diagnostic support for people with dementia. 

A recent survey of our membership showed that presentations from guest speakers were amongst the most appreciated aspects of the FPoP Scotland meetings. Members also valued the opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the country to hear about new initiatives and receive peer support. This is particularly vital as many members typically work with little or no contact from other older adult psychologists. 

The FPoP meetings allow for discussion of topics that affect all psychologists working with older adults. In Scotland the current primary objectives are to ensure:
• services are accessed within 18 weeks from time of referral (one of the Scottish Government’s HEAT Targets);
• age and diagnosis of dementia are not barriers to accessing psychological services;
• delivery of psychological therapies that are evidence-based, as summarised in A Guide to Delivering Evidence-based Psychological Therapies in Scotland - The Matrix. 

We are fortunate that within our membership we have psychologists responsible for authoring influential documents; those who provide regular consultation to the Scottish Government; and those responsible for training the psychology workforce. Furthermore, a number of members are involved at a national level for FPoP and we have ties with the Division of Clinical Psychology (Scotland) and the Division of Neuropsychology. These links ensure that FPoP Scotland remains a relevant, valued and well-informed group.

From DCP Scotland we regularly receive details of questions and answers in the Scottish Parliament: this January, for example, Mary Scanlon, Conservative MSP (Highlands and Islands) asked the Scottish Government what plans it has to update Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) guideline 86* in order to ensure that people with dementia receive the testing, diagnosis and interventions needed to assist with their condition. The expected answer is on 25th January.



Dr Ross Warwick
Clinical Psychologist / FPoP Scotland Convenor

Department of Psychological Services and Research
Dumfries and Galloway

Tel: 01387 244495

South Thames


We currently have around 117 members in our Geographical Group. The Group has members from a range of different professional backgrounds, working in different clinical contexts. We cover Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South London. NHS Trusts include East Kent Hospitals, Kent and Medway, Oxleas, South London and Maudsley, South West London and St George’s, Surrey and Borders and Sussex Partnership. The group provides teaching and older people’s placements for the Surrey and Canterbury Christchurch University (Salomon’s) Clinical Psychology Training Programmes.

Due to the size and history of the group, we operate via a small, elected Committee who meet five times a year and are responsible for planning CPD events for the membership in accordance with what has been requested. We work hard to ensure the committee reflects the region and where this is not possible; we have “co-opted” members who act as links to the NHS Trusts which are not represented. The committee enjoy links with our two local Training Programmes; we have a member who is also on the local DCP committee and have recently co-opted a trainee representative to serve on the committee.

Who’s who on the committee:

Name Role  NHS Trust/Organisation
Tamsin Fryer Convenor/National PSIGE Kent and Medway
Shani Langdon Treasurer Kent and Medway
Kirstie Chandler DCP representative Surrey and Borders
Margaret O’Shaughnessy Committee member Kent and Medway
Jacqui Bryant/Anna Demery Currently on maternity leave Oxleas
Helen Caird Training representative Canterbury Christchurch University
Louise Deacon Training representative Surrey University
Anisha Paddam Mangal Trainee representative Surrey University

Committee meetings:

The Committee meets between 10 and 12 noon on a Friday morning. We are currently recruiting more members, so if you would like more information, please contact the convenor. If you have any issues which you would like to raise for discussion at one of these meetings, please do get in touch.

2013 meeting dates:

Day Date Time Venue
Friday January 25th 10-12 Highlands House Tunbridge Wells
Friday March 22nd 10-12 Salomon’s
Friday June 7th 10-12 Priority House Maidstone
Friday September 20th 10-12 TBC
Friday November 29th 10-12 TBC

Keeping in touch

If you are a member of South Thames PSIGE but have not been receiving distribution emails, please contact the convenor with your email address so we can update our list. 


We traditionally hosted four workshops each year, but have more recently taken the decision to reduce this following falling attendance figures and feedback from our membership gathered from a short survey.

2012 events:

23rd March Service User Involvement workshop (incorporating AGM)
Laura Lea and John McGowan at Salomon’s.

13th July Interpersonal Therapy 
Prof. Susan Howard at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton.

6th September Research and Service Development day

2013 events:

We have selected the theme of working with complexity for 2013 events. We are currently in the planning stages and they are likely to be held in May/June (incorporating the AGM) and November.

We will post details of future events on this page as they become available, so do keep checking back for updates.


On 22nd March, a meeting is to be hosted for all those interested or involved with teaching and supervising on the Salomon’s Clinical Psychology training programme to discuss the new teaching format. Further details will be circulated shortly.

South Wales

South Western



Information about the group

The Wessex PSIGE consists of 15 full members. Our usual attendance is approximately 12, plus two trainees and an Assistant. We used to meet four times a year but about two years ago reduced the frequency of our meetings to twice a year to combine CPD with our PSIGE meetings to improve attendance. Our meetings are a valuable form of sharing relevant news form our regions and our CPD events have been well received. Our last workshop was funded by each member making a small contribution, room costs were nil as we were able to use local NHS sites. Past training events have included trainees funded by the University and held on the University site. We used to travel to different Trust sites within Wessex but have recently met in the Southampton region.

West Midlands

Yorkshire and Humberside