Dementia Workstream

FPoP (PSIGE) have been working with partner organisations to represent the psychological perspective on dementia care.

FPoP is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance. As part of this membership, FPoP have signed up to the National Dementia Declaration which describes "seven outcomes (people with dementia and their families) would like to see in their lives. They provide an ambitious and achievable vision of how people with dementia and their families are supported by society."  

FPoP is also part of Memory Services National Accredication Programme (MSNAP) with participating seats on the accreditation committee as part of the workstream. 

The FPoP National Committee and an extensive and expert reference group have contributed toward several other projects including a forthcoming BPS publication on Alternatives to Antispcyhotic Medication.

The Dementia Workstream membership have recently hosted a one-day event.

The contact for the Dementia Workstream is Reinhard Guss

Reinhard can be contacted on