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DCP Faculty for the Psychology of Older People National Committee List 2013 to 2014

Sarah Butchard - Chair

Sarah Butchard is a Clinical Psychologist working with older people in Liverpool.  She works clinically for Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and is a Senior Clinical Teacher on the University of Liverpool Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme.  She is vice chair of the British Psychological Society’s Faculty of Psychology of Older People and was previous responsible for organising CPD for the faculty including the annual conference in 2015. Her interests are in the impact receiving a diagnosis of dementia has on an individual’s wellbeing and relationships, and how people with dementia can live fulfilled lives with support.   Her research focuses around models that promote independence and wellbeing and on Human Rights Based Approaches to care.



Reinhard Guss - Out-going chair & Dementia lead

I studied Clinical Psychology and Gerontology at Heidelberg University in the 1980s. I subsequently worked in Salford, completing the BPS Statement of Equivalence and working in Older People's Psychology Services, mainly based in Kent and Medway. I developed my interest in working with people with a dementia, working with memory assessment services in both Neuropsychological assessment and in postdiagnostic interventions and therapy. I have a particular interest in Young Onset Dementia and in Service User involvement of people with a diagnosis of dementia.I am currently the dementia workstream lead on the FPOP Committee.

Contact me at

Mhairi Donaldson - Vice-chair

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in South Essex and am Head of Service for Older People’s and Memory Service Psychology.  I am also the topic lead for the older adult module on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Essex.  I qualified in Leeds in 2002, and subsequently worked with older adults in Lanarkshire in Central Scotland, before moving to South Essex in 2008. 

I have responsibility for the management and strategic development of older people’s psychology services in South Essex, including for older adults with presentations of mental ill health in community and inpatient settings, and for the clinical psychological contribution to the memory service pathway.  My interests include diagnostic practice in relation to MCI, the application of new ways of working to inpatient settings, outcome measurement with older adults, and the development of accessible and effective IAPT services for older people. 

I was an active member of FPOP (formerly PSIGE) Scotland before becoming involved with the National Committee as Geographical Group Liaison Rep in 2010.  I have been Honorary Secretary since July 2014, and am the MCI workstream lead.

Katharina Reichelt, Bulletin Co-Editor

I am a clinical psychologist and have recently become co-editor of the Bulletin.  Originally from Germany, where I obtained a business degree, I moved to the UK to study for an MBA (more business) and then logically sought employment as a research assistant in a psychology department.  More studying ensued, and I qualified as a clinical psychologist in 2003 from Manchester University.  

I have worked with older adults since 2004 and was FPOP geographical convenor of the North-East between 2010 and 2012.  I am currently working in a memory service in the North-East of England. My special interests include cognitive behavioural therapy, neuropsychology and dementia as well as going for long runs and baking a decent cake. 


Claire Appleton, Bulletin Co-Editor

I have been a practising clinical psychologist since 2001 having trained at the University of Newcastle.  I am also registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) as a psychodynamic psychotherapist.  I have worked in Gateshead’s Older Adult psychology Department since 2001. 

My special interests are in raising the profile of psychodynamic ways of working with older adults as well as developing psychology’s role within inpatient settings.  I am also interested in the process of building containment within older people’s mental health services.  I aim to do this by providing psychotherapeutically oriented supervision to a range of health care professionals who work with older people including GP’s, psychiatric nurses and specialist nurses. 

I have contributed to teaching and training on both the Newcastle and Teeside Doctorate Courses for over 12 years.      

It is an honour to become co-editor of the FPOP bulletin and I look forward to reading with interest submissions.   


Carolien Lamers, Ordinary Member and Wales Rep

Hello, my name is Carolien Lamers and I am the representative for Wales. I trained in the Netherlands as a social gerontologist, and I have been working in the UK as a clinical psychologist for more than a quarter of a century. 

My work is split between clinical community and inpatient work and being the admissions tutor for the North Wales Clinical Psychology Programme at Bangor University. My research and clinical interests are in the psychological consequences of cognitive changes for people, carers’ experience, end of life decision and organisational change.

I will be coordinating the FPOP responses to consultations across the four nations and we would like to hear from you if you are interested in contributing.


Sue Northrop, Ordinary Member and Scotland Rep

Dr Sue Northrop is an Occupational and Community Psychologist, working to support communities to become more dementia friendly and organisations to understand and build community connections for people with dementia. She is Vice Chair of the BPS Scotland Committee, Chair of the Carers Scotland Committee and an adviser on dementia friendly communities for the Life Changes Trust. 

Tresa Andrews, Outcomes Workstream Lead

Hello, my name is Tresa Andrews and I have been co-opted to the FPOP Committee this year to lead the Outcomes Workstream.  I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working with older people in the London Borough of Westminster.  I am also the Central North and West London NHS Foundation Trust Head of Service for Older Peoples' Psychology.  I have for some years held Trust Wide Leadership roles in Research and Development and Clinical Effectiveness for Older Peoples' Services.  I have also represented Older Peoples’ Services at the National Mental Health Quality and Outcomes Group and have recently been involved in the development of the new NHS England’s Framework/Guidance on Mental Health Outcomes.

Jane Simpson, Ordinary Member and NDD Workstream Lead

Dr Jane Simpson is a clinical and academic psychologist. She is currently Director of Education for the Division of Health Research (which is home to the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology) at Lancaster University. She is also Assistant Dean for the university’s Faculty of Health and Medicine.  Jane was also a Director of Lancaster University’s Doctorate in Clinical Psychology programme for 10 years.

Jane’s main focus is in research – and, in particular, in increasing understanding of the psychological factors involved in the development and maintenance of psychological difficulties in  adults with chronic illness, and in particular motor neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) such as Parkinson’s.  She is also interested in developing therapeutic approaches based on a formulation-based model.  Jane does not work in the NHS but she does offer supervision to charity workers who support people with NDDs.

Within FPOP Jane leads the motor NDD workstream.  This work has resulted in a string of publications (please see: and also initiatives with Parkinson’s UK to develop a psychometric measure of control and with the European Huntington’s Disease Network to pilot the first ever psychological intervention for people with HD.  Anyone interested in finding out more about the workstream can contact Jane on

Frances Duffy, Ordinary Member and DoN Rep

I completed a DPhil investigating Memory Deficits in Alzheimer’s disease in 1992.  I lectured in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology and subsequently trained as a Clinical Psychologist, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology. 

I am the Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Older People in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland.   My primary clinical responsibilities are as clinical lead for the multidisciplinary Memory Service and Dementia Home Support Team.  I have a particular interest in the behavioural and psychological signs of distress in dementia and lead the development of CLEAR Dementia Care. 

I am the FPOP representative on the Division of Neuropsychology Member Services Unit (DoN MSU) and the Northern Ireland representative.  I am also a member of the Dementia Advisory Group (DAG). 


Ian Asquith, Ordinary Member and Pre-Qual Rep

I am a trainee clinical psychologist at the University of Sheffield, as well as the current Pre-Qualification Group representative for FPOP.  I have held the position of Pre-Qualication Group representative for the past two years and have helped to deliver two older adult focused CPD events, as well as an evaluation of teaching across the UK clinical psychology courses.  In 2015 I received the Una Holden Award for Pre-Qualified psychologists making an outstanding contribution whilst working with older people.

Prior to training, I worked as an year in the industry placement student and subsequently an assistant psychologist in a community mental health team for older people.  I have an interests surrounding service user involvement and older people, dementia and using therapeutic approaches with older people. 

Please feel free to connect with me via Twitter: @ianasquith


Jean Hooper, Ordinary Member

Recently retired from the NHS after working for almost thirty years with older people, I now find myself a member of that special group and look forward to the delights and challenges this will bring.

I moved to Gloucestershire in 1991 when I began working in Gloucester Royal Acute Hospital where I introduced and modelled psychological concepts to staff working on the elderly care wards, in the renal unit and in the pain management outpatient service

In 2000 I was appointed as the (only) elderly care psychologist in the local Severn Mental Health Trust and began creating, developing, nurturing and leading this service which expanded to include several supportive colleagues and spread (thinly) across the whole of Gloucestershire and neighbouring Herefordshire, while the employer morphed into the Together NHS Foundation Trust.

My willingness to present to anyone who would listen, took me into undergraduate and clinical lecture theatres, meeting rooms and conference halls in the UK, Europe and even Australia. Like many of us, I rather regret that I didn't squeeze in more time to write and submit papers to share my accumulating experiences and knowledge. Maybe that's what you do in retirement! I continue to support a few older people in a voluntary capacity and work with FPOP to maintain and support the standards, enthusiasm and development of those working psychologically to assist people in my age group.


Polly Kaiser, Ordinary Member and Therapies Workstream

I have worked with people with a diagnosis of dementia and their carers since 1984; first, as a researcher in England and France, and then as a clinical psychologist in the north west of England.  I have been employed part time by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust since 2002 and am the clinical lead for psychological therapies for older people where a wide range of therapies are used.

As the National Lead for Mental Health in later life at the Department of Health (2009-2011) I was involved in a number of initiatives, including contributing to, editing and producing the Let’s Respect for Care Home tool kit.

I was a founding director of the national Life Story Network (CIC), where I co-developed and delivered the DH funded “Your Story Matters”, “Your Community Matters” and a number of other programs for people with a dementia, carers, and housing and transport sectors in addition to work on spirituality.

I am an honorary lecturer at Manchester University and teach on a number of doctoral clinical psychology training programs on equality issues including gender, sexuality and cultural diversity, and also narrative approaches to bereavement.  As I member of the Faculty of Psychology of Older People (FPOP – formerly PSIGE) I also contributed to a number of developments including the Joint Commissioning Guidance of Older Peoples’ Mental Health

I continue to be committed to learning, exploring and embedding person centred care in as human and as creative a way as possible and have just had a book published by Jessica Kingsley on life story work.


Sarah Ghani, Ordinary Member, Media Rep and Diversity Workstream Lead

I trained on the Leicester course in the early 1990s, having gained a place on the course thanks (I believe…) to my passionate description of an early paper by Tom Kitwood on person centred care!

 I received most of my actual training in Nottingham where I then worked for 4 years post qualification before moving back to London.  This gave me a solid grounding in Community Psychology which has influenced my practice ever since.  I have taught on this on Doctorate courses (as well as teaching on a range of older adult topics over the years).

I have a strong commitment to training, always enjoying having trainees and participating in course committees and selection processes.  Since 1999 I have worked as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working primarily in Hounslow and am the Psychology Lead for Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Services in West London Mental Health NHS Trust.  I also lead on involvement, am developing a Diversity strategy for the Trust dementia service and am an MNSAP peer reviewer.  I wrote and presented early on in my career until more managerial roles somewhat squeezed this out, but am now making time to return to these areas and contribute again to more nationwide developments.

Paul Whitby - Ordinary Member and Inpatient Co-Lead

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist working in North Wiltshire. I gained my professional qualification from Plymouth Polytechnic in 1986 and have been working with older adults ever since. Prior to that i was a psychiatric nurse and the peak of that part of my career was as a Charge Nurse in the Bethlem Hospital in London. I have held a number of positions as a clinical psychologist in the south west of England and in south Wales. I teach on the Bath clinical psychology course and supervise trainees regularly.

My principal interests are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as applied to older people; challenging behaviour in dementia; the application of Attachment Theory in later life; the psychological environment of In Patient wards and nursing homes, and the expression of sexuality in old age and dementia.

In 2012 I travelled to Scandinavia and Holland to study 'Marte Meo', a method of helping carers improve their interactions with people with dementia, especially around episodes of personal care, building on their existing skills. This approach shows the application of Attachment Theory and Trevarthen's micro-analysis of conversations to a difficult-to-reach group in a very practical manner. My next project is to make this part of my clinical work and hopefully to engage in some research













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