About the Faculty for the Psychology of Older People

Formerly known as PSIGE

PSIGE (pronounced 'siege') is the acronym for the groups' original title, Psychologists' Special Interest Group for the Elderly. The name PSIGE was retained long after the term 'elderly' was in common usage because of its standing in the psychology community, but has been changed recently to reflect the move to the status of a Faculty of the Division of Clinical Psychology.

Established in 1980, FPoP is part of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology. It works to encourage the exchange of information, ideas and expertise about psychological approaches with older people.

It is a national group with members throughout the UK. Although primarily for Psychologists, membership is open to individuals from other disciplines and voluntary groups who share an interest in work with older people.

FPoP (PSIGE) is organised into 16 geographical groups. A national committee is elected annually at the AGM and links with these groups through the Geographical Groups Convenor.

The committee works on behalf of its members and functions as a consultative body to the BPS and DCP on relevant issues relating to older people.

We have close links with the Alzheimer's Society, Dementia Action Alliance, the BPS (the Division of Clinical PsychologyDivision of Neuropsychology) and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.